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Profit from Actionable Insights

MyRubaroo ensures that your intended targets not just see your communication, but also tell you how effective it actually is.

Targeted Marketing

Targeted ads are known to be nearly twice as effective as ordinary ads. MyRubaroo takes targeting to the highest level, allowing you to display your ads to HCPs by region, and more importantly, by speciality. This ensures you can customise your messaging to make it highly relevant to the segment you wish to target.

Continuous Engagement

Considering HCP's scarcity of time, engaging with them is the biggest challenge the Pharma industry faces. Between doctor calls, your brand is out of mind. MyRubaroo offers the perfect solution, allowing your brand to stay top of mind. This enhances your field reps' engagement with your customers.

2-Way Communication

Every brand wants feedback from their customers. Very few actually achieve it. MyRubaroo guarantees that each communication sent returns feedback about the efficacy of the communication. Even better, you get to decide which aspect you receive feedback on - be it relevance, clarity of messaging, what an HCP would rather hear about, and more.

Personalised Ads

According to management experts, 2-way communication is key to delivering personalised ads, which boosts growth rates by as much as 10%. With MyRubaroo, not only can you improve personalisation with feedback, you can also communicate in regional languages, leverage regional festivals, highlight local health issues, address speciality-specific pain points, etc.

Multiple Media Options

Omnichannel communication is in. So are visual digital formats. 94% of marketers express that video increases product understanding. So, why not convert static images onto a catchy GIF? Or, a cumbersome PDF into an engaging video? With MyRubaroo, you can use all sorts of interesting communication formats, and have it available at a click in a doctor's smartphone!

Analytics Reports

Data is the new oil. And your MyRubaroo reports ensure you have an endless supply of it. The deep insights allow you to check the effectiveness of your campaigns, so you can understand the communication formats, content, times and frequencies that are best to hook extremely busy as well as picky HCPs.

CrossSell & UpSell

An engaged audience is always more receptive to cross-selling as well as up-selling. Plus, by leveraging MyRubaroo's unique 2-way communication model, you can improve communication and deliver more relevant messages.

Large Number of Doctors & Specialities Covered

Irrespective of the HCP segment you're aiming at, we have a captive audience for you. The specialities we offer range from niche segments like plastic surgeons, to HCPs that cater to more generalised conditions like Otolaryngology (ENT). With MyRubaroo, your audience is spread all across India - plus, we deliver the volumes to ensure your marketing targets are met too.

Add Your Doctor Panels Too

MyRubaroo gives you a choice of adding your doctor panels to the app, segmenting them as appropriate, and messaging them as required. You can also do the same to our panel of doctors. Even better, you can message both, segmenting them differently or together, as appropriate.

Eclipse Engagement Rates of Traditional Messaging Channels

While traditional messaging tools like Whatsapp \ SMS have engagement rates of 5% or less, MyRubaroo has an unprecedented engagement rate of 70%. This stems largely from 2 unique features. The doctors onboard are there by consent. And because of the hyper personalisation delivered, the messages are highly relevant to each audience segment.

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