The Solution

The Perfect Solution for Pharma Marketing Professionals Looking To Grow Mindshare Among HCPs

Your field rep meets the doctor perhaps once or twice a month. But in the period between these visits, your brand might slip away from the busy HCP's recall - and your competitors might become top of mind.

The digital age can help you bridge this gap.

2-Way Communication with HCPs

But, one disadvantage of all the digital tools presently available, is that you do not receive feedback about the efficacy of your messaging. On the other hand, MyRubaroo works on a 2-way communication model - delivering feedback from doctors. As a result, you get to know their opinions and views, so you can refine your messaging to perfection.

Communication with Consent

Another drawback of most communication models is that they usually tend to be intrusive as well as irritating. But, all the doctors present on the app are there by consent - explicitly agreeing to receive messaging from pharma companies like you.

Targeted Communication

Plus, you'd agree that doctors, (even those from one speciality) are not one homogenous group, but comprise diverse segments. Each one has unique prescription habits and molecular preferences. MyRubaroo helps you segment doctors based on their beliefs, knowledge & dispositions, to deliver targeted communication to each of these segments.

So, whether you're looking to increase brandshare in a saturated market, outdo your competition in new markets, make your brand top-of-mind among HCPs, MyRubaroo is the solution you're looking for!


How MyRubaroo Increases Brandshare

The app offers multiple touchpoints as well as dynamic communication models to enhance mindshare among HCPs.

Micro-Segment Customers

  • Enrol doctors on your lists
  • Target specific towns/states
  • Select specific specialities
  • Choose prescribers or non- prescribers

Hyper Personalise Communication

  • Interactive Brand Communication
  • Virtual Interactive CMEs
  • Gamification
  • Send tailor-made content to different customers in the same segment
  • Market research

Stay Top-of-Mind

  • By targeting customers of your choice
  • At a frequency of your choice
  • With customized messages/formats
  • Through tech enabled digital intervention
  • By augmenting reps efforts

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